Marker-assisted selection for agronomics, alimentary and feed traits

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 8 Objectives Active screening and validation of molecular markers and progeny material generated in the previous DIAP program. Develop, validate and screen parents and progeny for food quality and agronomic traits using novel molecular markers. … Continued

Soymilk protein yield

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 7 Objective: Development of a screening protocol to assess soluble soy protein yield potential in genetic lines from a breeding program. This will lead to more rapid and effective development of new Canadian-food-grade soybean lines … Continued

Identification of metabolites associated with market preferences and factors affecting their accumulation of health-beneficial compounds in food-grade soybean

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 6 Objectives: Chemical fingerprinting of high-quality food-grade soybean cultivars. Identification of metabolites/biomarkers associated with market and consumer preferences. Identification of genetic and environmental factors affecting the accumulation of biomarkers and selected key health-beneficial metabolites in soybean. … Continued

Natto and specialty trait soymilk/tofu improvement

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 5 Objectives: Improved natto and soymilk/tofu soybean lines and development of new varieties specific to emerging markets. These lines will meet the requirements of early maturity growing areas in Eastern Canada. Improved natto and soymilk/tofu soybean … Continued

Rapid marker-assisted back crossing and speed breeding

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 3 Objectives: Learn, evaluate and potentially adopt speed breeding techniques and identify new ways of bringing Non-GMO soybean varieties to market sooner than current strategies. Improve the ability for a conventional breeding program to react … Continued

New germplasm material for improved nutraceutical and agronomic value

ECODA project number: A.1 Principal investigators: David Hendrick/Jim McCullagh Executive summary Sub-activity 1.1 – Natto soybean seed size and seed yield limitation Soyfood cultivars are selected by Asian food manufacturers for their end-use function in the production of tofu, soymilk … Continued