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New germplasm material for improved nutraceutical and agronomic value

ECODA project number: A.1 Principal investigators: David Hendrick/Jim McCullagh Executive summary Sub-activity 1.1 – Natto soybean seed size and seed yield limitation Soyfood cultivars are selected by Asian food manufacturers for their end-use function in the production of tofu, soymilk … Continued

Improving oil quality of Eastern Canadian canola

ECODA project number: B.2.5, B.2.6 and B.2.7 Principal investigator: Hugh J. Earl Executive Summary Elevated levels of free fatty acids (FFAs) in the seed has historically been the most important quality defect threatening marketability of the Ontario canola crop. Accordingly, variety … Continued

Canola nutrient management

Categories: Canola; Fertility  ECODA project number: B.5 Principal investigator: Bao-Luo Ma Executive summary Field experiments were conducted across Eastern Canada to investigate the growth, yield and quality traits of canola crop to preplant and sidedress application of nitrogen (N) fertilizer … Continued