Market demand continues to grow for soybeans, particularly for non-genetically-modified (non-GM) soybeans. Consumers want quality foods and beverages, so producers of soy milk and tofu require more soybeans to meet increasing market needs.

At $2.9 billion in farm cash receipts soybeans ranked as Canada’s third most valuable crop in 2016. Canadian growers can continue to increase their revenues and profitability by planting non-GM soybeans as a rotational crop commanding even higher value.

The Asia-Pacific market alone accounts for hundreds of thousands of tonnes of Canada’s non-GM soybean exports. ECODA projects examine ways for growers in Eastern Canada to better succeed with these crops.

Research focus

ECODA prioritizes the development of Identity Preserved (non-GM) Soybeans in Eastern Canada, in order to supply the international market. The Canadian Soybean Council explains Identity Preserved (IP) as “a process that ensured the purity or identity of soybeans with unique attributes.” On its website, the Council outlines the measures taken to ensure this level of quality “from seed through to export.”

To pursue research and achieve the desired results, ECODA has brought together reputed partners from across the country. The ECODA research projects, led by experienced researchers, were funded by industry as well as support from one of the following Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada programs: AgriInnovation Program (2013-2018), Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP 2012-2013); Developing Innovative Agri-Products (DIAP 2010-2013).

The ECODA research titles below represent soybean projects undertaken from 2010 to the present. Click the project titles to access executive summaries of completed projects or to see objectives for projects that are currently underway.

If you require more information, each executive summary links to a more detailed project report. ECODA’s canola-related projects are listed separately.

Soybean project summaries

Biochemical fingerprinting

Trait development – Agronomics

Trait development – Food quality