Interested in lowering your production costs and increasing your returns?

If so, the Eastern Canada Oilseeds Development Alliance (ECODA) is here for you.

ECODA research projects, undertaken with valued partners, are designed to help you profit from these Canadian, high-value cash crops and their associated food and beverage processing.

Raking in this country’s highest farm cash receipts earns canola the top-crop title in Canada, while soybeans saw over 25% growth in farm cash receipts from 2012 to 2016.

Canola is a relatively new crop in Eastern Canada, where farm cash receipts have grown from $21 million in 2009 to over $30 million in 2016. Soybean receipts in Eastern Canada have increased from $1.28 billion in 2009 to $2.30 billion in 2016, a significant increase in seven years.

So why not take advantage of this growth. 

Growing global demand for canola and non-GM soybeans means you can derive value from your rotation crops. During the years when you cannot grow your dominant crops, such as potatoes, corn and grains, you can look to canola and non-GM soybean for revenues.

ECODA can reduce your uncertainties

Our research projects help:

  • identify ways you can address yield or disease, or pest pressures
  • maximize the environmental sustainability of your acreage
  • expand your potential customer base to include those interested in soybean and canola
  • increase high-value crops on your acreage
  • grow your prospective exports to reach larger markets

ECODA projects are designed to benefit you, Eastern Canadian growers and processors.

Find out more about these soybean and canola research advances, ECODA or the productive partners who make the research possible.