Statistics Canada has reported that for years both canola and canola oil have consistently ranked in our nation’s top five agri-food exports. Canola represents the largest crop by farm receipt in Canada, reaching $ 9.2 billion in 2016, a 12.3% increase since 2012. In 2016, canola cash receipts represented 27.2% of total crop farm cash receipts and 15.3% of the total farm cash receipts.

Between 2014 and 2017, Eastern Canada’s canola acreage increased by 23.7% — from 64,100 to 79,300 acres. By contrast, in 2017, Canadian farmers reported having harvested 22.9 million acres of canola.

Research focus

To maximize their benefit from global opportunities in canola, producers in Eastern Canada need to better understand which varieties, inputs, and agronomic and pest-control practices are most suited to the region.

ECODA aims to help by sharing current knowledge with canola producers. ECODA commits to communicating results from ECODA projects, which are led by experienced research partners. These research projects involve examining innovative ways to address those issues facing producers in Eastern Canada, so that the producers may realize improved yields and quality, and ultimately higher revenues.

The research titles below represent canola projects undertaken from 2010 to the present. The most recent projects are listed first under each of the subject headings.

These ECODA projects were funded by industry with substantial support from one of the following Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada programs: AgriInnovation Program (2013-2018), Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP 2012-2013); Developing Innovative Agri-Products (DIAP 2010-2013).

Click the titles below to access executive summaries of completed projects or to see objectives for projects that are currently underway. If you require more information, each executive summary links to a more detailed project report.

ECODA’s soybean-related projects are listed separately.

Factsheets – Canola Research

A brief factsheet of each of the eleven canola research activities is provided below:

Annual Reports – Canola Research

The most recent and/or final annual reports are included below for each of the canola research activities. Funding for these activities was provided by the Agri-innovation Program’s Research and Development stream under the Growing Forward 2 Policy Framework, as well as several industry organizations.

Project summaries and reports




Oil quality


Variety trials

Winter canola