“Innovation in oilseed supply chain partnerships that captures economic value for the Eastern Canada agrifood sector.”


“Profits through partnership”

About Us

Since forming the Eastern Canada Oilseeds Development Alliance (ECODA) in 2009, we have linked reputable partners from across the value chains for soybeans and canola. These two crops share a relatively short history in Eastern Canada, yet there is a growing international demand for both soybeans and canola.

As a private, not-for-profit company, ECODA aims to benefit oilseed growers, processors and exporters in Eastern Canada by establishing oilseed crop options that match regional factors and market needs. When oilseed growers succeed, then processors and exporters can prosper too.

In turn, these combined successes will contribute to Canada maintaining and strengthening its global market share for soybeans, canola, and associated oilseed products. To achieve these benefits, ECODA, with the help of its partners, has pursued two objectives related to soybeans and canola:

  1. To expand existing markets and develop new opportunities for oilseeds grown in Eastern Canada.
  2. To facilitate soybean and canola research by choosing innovative projects tied to national and international market opportunities.

We share research results with growers and communicate with industry through workshops, technology transfer activities, partner outreach and ECODA’s website.


ECODA is governed by a board of directors, which mirrors the breadth of our partnerships across the oilseed industry. Board members include farmers, processors, award-winning researchers and representatives from agricultural organizations. Meet ECODA’s board members:

Rory Francis - President, ECODA, Prince Edward Island/Président, ECODA, Île-du-Prince-Édouard

Based on spending decades in the private and public sectors, Rory Francis balances proven leadership with the skills to guide collaborative initiatives. Mr Francis draws from his experience and productive networks. He is also Executive Director of the PEI BioAlliance and serves on numerous boards of directors, including the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute and the PEI AgriAlliance, among others. Mr. Francis earned an MSc from the University of Waterloo and a BSc from Mount Allison University.

Fort de plusieurs décennies passées au sein des secteurs privé et public, M. Rory Francis nous offre tant son leadership éprouvé, que les compétences nécessaires pour mener des initiatives collaboratives. M. Francis tire parti de son expérience et de ses réseaux performants. Il occupe également le poste de directeur administratif de la PEI BioAlliance et siège sur de nombreux conseils d’administration, dont ceux de l’Institut canadien des politiques agroalimentaires et de la PEI AgriAlliance. Il détient une maîtrise en sciences de la University de Waterloo et un baccalauréat en sciences de la Mount Allison University.

Dr. Don Smith - James McGill Professor, Department of Plant Science, McGill University, Quebec/ Récipiendaire du prix James McGill Professor, département des sciences végétales, Université McGill, Québec

Dr. Smith specializes in crop eco-physiology research as it relates to crop growth and yield as well as improving how plants sequester greenhouse gases. He is also CEO and Scientific Director of BioFuelNet, a Network of Centres of Excellence hosted by McGill. Dr. Smith earned a PhD in crop physiology from the University of Guelph, and master’s and undergraduate degrees from Acadia University.

Le Dr Smith est spécialisé en recherche sur l’écophysiologie des cultures en rapport plus spécifiquement avec leur croissance et leurs rendements. Ses travaux touchent également l’amélioration de la séquestration des gaz à effet de serre par les plantes. Il occupe également les postes de directeur général et de directeur scientifique chez BioFuelNet, un réseau de centres d’excellence hébergé par McGill. Le Dr Smith a reçu son doctorat en physiologie des plantes de la University of Guelph, et sa maîtrise et son baccalauréat de la Acadia University.

John Oliver - President, Maple Leaf BioConcepts/ Président, Maple Leaf BioConcepts

Aside from heading up his consulting firm, John Oliver also chairs Flax Canada 2015 and serves on the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute’s advisory board. His former roles include executive positions at Eli Lilly Canada and Dow Elanco Canada, Chairman of the Crop Protection Institute, member of the University of Guelph’s board of governors, and founding member of the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association.

En plus de diriger sa propre firme de conseil, John Oliver occupe le poste de président de Flax Canada 2015 et siège sur le comité consultatif de l’Institut canadien des politiques agroalimentaires. Par le passé, il a agit à titre de directeur chez Eli Lilly Canada et Dow Elanco Canada. de président de l’Institut pour la protection des cultures, de membre du conseil des gouverneurs de la University of Guelph, et de membre fondateur de la Canadian Agri-Marketing Association.

Tyson MacInnis - Chief Operating Officer, PEI AgriAlliance/ directeur général du groupe, PEI AgriAlliance

Tyson MacInnis collaborates with industry, research organizations, and government to enhance market development and research opportunities for PEI’s agri-food cluster. His prior roles involved innovation programming with the PEI Department of Innovation as well as commercial development with FoodTrust of PEI.

Tyson MacInnis collabore avec des organismes de recherche, des acteurs du secteur et des instances gouvernementales, en vue de rehausser les niveaux de développement des marchés et les occasions de recherche pour la grappe d’entreprises agro-alimentaires de l’Î.-P.-É. Il a occupé par le passé des postes en programmation de l’innovation au sein du ministère de l’Innovation de l’Î.-P.-É., ainsi qu’en développement commercial auprès de FoodTrust of PEI.

Etienne Tardif - Agronomist, TRT-ETGO, Quebec/ Agronome, TRT-ETGO, Québec

While studying for his science degree at Laval University, Étienne Tardif specialized in agronomy and crop science. He has since accumulated 15 years of industry experience, including more than five at Twin Rivers Technologies – Entreprise de transformation des graines oléagineuses (TRT-ETGO) in Bécancour, Quebec.

Durant ses études en sciences à l’Université Laval, Étienne Tardif s’est spécialisé en agronomie et en phytotechnie. Depuis, il a acquis 15 ans d’expérience dans le secteur agro-alimentaire, dont plus de 5 ans chez Twin Rivers Technologies – Entreprise de transformation des graines oléagineuses (TRT-ETGO) à Bécancour, au Québec.

Roy Culberson - Atlantic Grains Council Representative

Roy Culberson is the chair of the Atlantic Grains Council (AGC). He has also been the vice-chair of the AGC and volunteered as an executive on the board. Roy farms over 2,500 acres in Woodstock, New Brunswick and has been involved in a number of grain and oilseed developments in the province.

Chris Chivilo - W.A. Grain & Pulse Solutions: Industry Representative