Mustard flower growing in a field.

Brown Mustard (Brassica juncea)

ECODA and our partners believe mustard seed is highly valuable in many ways beyond its present use as a natural fumigant; i.e., as a cash crop.

ECODA is currently examining two opportunities for mustard:

1) Brassica juncea in rotation with potatoes for improved potato quality and biocontrol; and

2) use of Brassica juncea intercrop with peas to improve soil health and per acre economic returns.

Hemp growing in a field.


ECODA and our partners are doing vital research on hemp for oil and protein. Hemp is an exciting and emerging industry.

ECODA hemp research targets yield and quality baseline data for common hemp varieties for Eastern Canada as well as production management recommendations for optimal seed quality for industrial markets.

Chickpeas growing in a field.


ECODA and our partners are providing knowledge on how pulses diversify land base, improve sustainability, reduce risk and provide incremental economic rewards.

ECODA pulse research targets a recommended pea intercrop that delivers a land equivalent ratio (LER) of greater than one, and therefore a higher economic return per acre versus a single crop, in a single rotation year. As well, ECODA trials will be examining the intercropping of commercial pea varieties with both camelina, a new novel crop with food, feed and industrial uses, as well as with mustard, an established brassica crop in Eastern Canada.

Camelina growing in a field.


ECODA and our partners are improving camelina, its industrial applications and looking at other potential innovations for this novel crop.

Research into maximizing returns and improving the quality of camelina products through proper variety selection and diversification is important for developing the camelina industry in Eastern Canada. Camelina also has great potential for rotation due to not only market opportunity but its bio-fumigation potential resulting from its biochemical components, such as glucosinolates; this added attribute increases the overall value and sustainability of a rotation.