Identification of metabolites associated with market preferences and factors affecting their accumulation of health-beneficial compounds in food-grade soybean

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 6 Objectives: Chemical fingerprinting of high-quality food-grade soybean cultivars. Identification of metabolites/biomarkers associated with market and consumer preferences. Identification of genetic and environmental factors affecting the accumulation of biomarkers and selected key health-beneficial metabolites in soybean. … Continued

New germplasm material for improved nutraceutical and agronomic value

ECODA project number: A.1 Principal investigators: David Hendrick/Jim McCullagh Executive summary Sub-activity 1.1 – Natto soybean seed size and seed yield limitation Soyfood cultivars are selected by Asian food manufacturers for their end-use function in the production of tofu, soymilk … Continued