ECODA project number: A.2

Principal investigators: Neil Emery

Executive summary

Sub-activity A.2.1 – Development of markers for cytokinin based yields in soybean

  • Identified key cytokinins (CKs) related to improvement of natto beans flowering, pod setting, and seed development through comparison of cytokinin biochemistry in natto soybean lines with varying levels of yields. This includes LC-MS/MS analysis of the cytokinin metabolites at flowering, pod setting and seed development stages.
  • Identified cytokinin genes and discovered potential molecular markers for increased yields in soybeans and natto beans through gene cloning and sequencing, gene expression analysis of cytokinin biosynthetic and catabolic genes.

These activities will lead to higher soybean yields through cytokinin gene marker-directed breeding for regular and natto soybeans.

Access the research project’s final report.

Sub-activity A.2.2 – Use of molecular markers for soybean improvement
Developed and validated molecular markers for high alpha-tocopherol contents, lipoxygenase free, SCN resistance, and different fatty acid compositions based on published publically available literature. These markers are now available for Sevita to apply to their breeding program.

Access the research project’s final report.

Develop techniques that will help simplify selection breeding of large populations