ECODA project number: AIP activity 1

Principal investigators: Jim McCullagh

Executive summary

ECODA’s major soybean industry partner, Sevita International, exports a wide range of soybean varieties to Japan for the production of soymilk and tofu. Each Japanese customer has a different formulation, process and style of product and, therefore, different soybean varieties work better for some customers than others.
 To maintain consistency across variety evaluations throughout the project, the Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC) developed standard processes to make soymilk and tofu as well as a scoring system to rate soybean varieties.

Throughout the development process, quality control specialists from various food companies, based in Japan, visited GFTC and contributed their expertise, preferred methodology, evaluation terminology and techniques. The activity resulted in a standardized production process for both soymilk and tofu, as well as a list of terms that describes the attributes of the end products (i.e. a lexicon).

Access the research project’s final report.

Development of a lexicon and tasting panels: Development of a designer soybean testing methodology