ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 5


  1. Improved natto and soymilk/tofu soybean lines and development of new varieties specific to emerging markets. These lines will meet the requirements of early maturity growing areas in Eastern Canada.
  2. Improved natto and soymilk/tofu soybean lines.
  3. Investigate the relationship between seed size and seed yield, and between skin coat thickness and germination, in breeding populations of natto soybean. Identify high yielding natto lines throughout the small to medium seed size range and assess germination potential. (8 to 12 g/100 seeds).
  4. Develop food grade soybeans with improved quality for the Japanese and European Union markets.

This research is underway, so the research project’s final report is not available yet.

Natto and specialty trait soymilk/tofu improvement