ECODA project number: B.1

Principal investigator: Peter B.E. McVetty

Executive summary

Canola production in Eastern Canada is limited to the use of cultivars developed specifically for Western Canadian growing regions. The objective of the ECODA B1 project was to identify Brassica napus strains adapted to Eastern Canada that can be utilized as the foundation for Eastern Canadian canola breeding programs. This research was conducted at six locations in 2011 and seven locations in 2012. Over this two-year period numerous B. napus strains were identified with high oil and high protein content, and low glucosinolate content that also had acceptable yield in comparison to the local hybrid check. These open pollinated population or DH line selections could be incorporated into one of several pollination control systems along with herbicide tolerance to develop herbicide tolerant canola hybrids specifically developed for Eastern Canadian production regions.

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Development of high oil canola varieties/genotypes packaged with superior traits and suitable for cultivation in Eastern Canada