ECODA project number: Agri-Innovation Program, Oilseeds East Activity 9


The general objective of the proposed work is to improve our understanding of the ability of plant-to-microbe signals to enhance the growth and productivity of canola. The specific objectives are:

  1. Better under understand the interactions between stimulation of plant growth by microbially produced signals and plant stress.
  2. Determine the effects of chronic versus acute exposure of canola plants to plant-to-microbe signals on canola plant growth and productivity.
  3. Investigate the effects of canola genotype differences on responses to microbe-produced signal compounds.
  4. Investigate some of the mechanisms underlying canola responses to microbially produced signals.
  5. Conduct field trials with best formulations of signal compounds.

This research is underway, so the research project’s final report is not available yet.

Canola and microbial signals