Yield impacts and insecticide management of swede midge in canola

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 13 Objectives: The proposed activity will contribute to the development of effective integrated pest management practices for swede midge in canola through the following specific objectives: To evaluate the effects of the timing of … Continued

Integrated canola disease management for stem rot and black leg

ECODA project number: Oilseeds East Activity 10 Objective: To study the effect of crop rotation, nutrient management, planting date and plant density on the incidence and severity of stem rot and black leg of canola. This research is underway, so the research … Continued

Evaluation of natural products on agronomic features of canola: Effect of treatments on crop germination, growth, fatty acid profile and yield of canola in Eastern Canada

Categories: Canola; Agronomy; Oil Quality ECODA project number: B.2.2 and B.2.3 Principal investigator: Balakrishnan Prithiviraj Executive summary Marine bio-products have been known to induce plant responses such as altered fatty acid biosynthesis, induce plant defense to pathogens, improve crop growth under … Continued